Monday, 29 April 2013

Sleepover -Dangerous and disastrous. [Part 3]

And you thought it was over. Nope. One more night. Just one. Them some 'me time' which is much needed. It is time of sitting and thinking. I love to think. I think until I get alllll confused.  Anyway. Sleepover. Today I woke, and soft boiled eggs for both of us. I can't remember what happened after that really. They [Friend and Sister] went in a loooong bike ride, while I ran, so I'm fit for cross country in week four, term two.  We watched 'The railway children' [awful movie] and cleaned the house. We had an hour 'quiet time' where you go to you room and don't talk. We watched 'Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief' again. And played a fun card game called hit the deck. And went to bed. I guess it's just one more night and until tomorrow lunch that My Darlin' friend will be here. I feel so exhausted. Emotional. I mean, I can not even type proper, let alone spell tbe word I want to use.
Good night New Zealand.


Never take life too seriously, no one gets out alive anyway.

Do you ever feel like you've tried something new, and it's all going good, and then it all goes bad? It's like life slapped you in the face. Really hard.
I'm feeling down right now. Like everything I've ever loved doesn't really care. I know it's not true though.
I just don't know where to turn sometimes. Or what I believe, and what I don't believe. Who I can trust, and who I can't trust. What happens next, is it good or bad? I'm sure one day, tomorrow will come.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Scelestic School Break

School break happened every afternoon when I was homeschooled. Not anymore. The oddest thing is, in school term I have, like no free time. But, when the holidays draw near, a feeling of deep dread grows in my stomach. What I don't under is, what do you do in school holidays?
People say, shopping, sleepovers, sewing, etc. I tried shopping and that went really bad. I couldn't find anything I wanted or that Sleepovers? Read 'Sleepovers - dangerous and disastrous, part one, and part two. long can you spend doing it??? Two week of sewing?? *Faints* I made paper crane families. I did a 500 piece jigsaw. I had a friend over.
That all took one week. One more week to kill.
You probably get the point. I'm one of those odd people who hate holidays, and luv school.

Sleep overs -dangerous and disastrous. [Part 2]

The sleepover has turned into mega sleepover mania. I woke up at 10am, still 100% exhausted. Then I went up to feed the neighbors animal for the last time. After that, we watched 'The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, ate lunch, and got ready for church.
If you know what is like to have an overbearing sibling, that is alway noisy and in your face, times that by two, not wait, three, and you get what this certain friend is like. Uh huh. I know. Crazy. Church went smoothly, it nearly always does. Right until the end. That was when Mum says....She's staying another night. Praise The Lord for the spare room! Imagine if we had to share a room. Anyway, we left church and went to my friends house, do she could get some clean clothing and some things she left behind. Then, we went into her garden to look for rocks to paint. I don't really enjoy painting rocks, or painting at all really. But anything to keep her quiet is my new favorite thing. When we got home, Mum and Dad need to go o town, so us girls stayed at home. We ate dinner, and watched 'Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief'. I highly recommend. Great movie. It finished, my sister and I washed up, and sat down and did some complex braiding. My friend, played on Mum's iPad, took photos and driver up the wall. And back down the other side. She would not braid because 'It was too hard'. Some where in between that, she saw a spider (our house is full of them) and spent the next half hour screaming. Mum and Dad arrived and saved my poor life for fading away completely. I took this chance to flea to my room, and shut the door. Goodnight New Zealand.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Sleep overs- Dangerous and Disasterous [Part 1]

I have this good friend, that I have known for a very long time. All my life. About two or more times a year, she comes over for a sleep over. My overly energetic friend came to stay for two whole days. Admit it. We all have that one friend that drives us 100% insane, within the first hour.

When she arrived, she lay on my bed, and begged to play on my iPod( which I said no to) while I quietly cleared her a place to sleep in the spare room. The I got her mattress, and made her bed. Then, I gave her half a head of terrible corn rows. Then we ate lunch, made lemonade, and played snakes and ladders. After all that, I was wasted. Like almost dead. But no, more is coming. After two hour bracelet-making, we left for the neighbors, to feed his animals while he was away. Now I ready to drop dead but still, we proceed into the garden to find nice smooth round rock, which took about an hour. Then we painted them and she called them friendship rocks. That took until dinner, so we packed up, ate, and watched a DVD. Now, it is time for me to die. From exhaustion. Goodnight New Zealand.
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