Sunday, 26 May 2013

Cross country

Did I ever say how much I hate cross country? Well I do. A lot.
The dreaded event is coming up, this Friday. I have to run 3.5km, up hills and though mud. Not nice!!! I've been doing a tiny bit on training (like running to the fridge and back to my bed). I don't think I got any fitter. Luckily it's only once a year...

Friday, 24 May 2013


My sewing teacher at school recently introduced to polyvore, and I fell in love. It's a website were you make and design outfits of clothing. Here are some pictures of what I have done.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Back to school

School, school, school. What fun! Tomorrow, I'm back on the bus, to school. I enjoy going to school everyday. This term, I have cross country (week four) science fair, and girls soccer (hopefully). That's not it of corse. 
Out of all the school holidays I have had, excluding the ones when I was homeschooled, these have been, the boring-est, longest, tiring-est holidays that I remember. I only remember a few but still..... They make us keep a blog at school. It's really awful, and takes the fun out of writing, blogging, and lots of other things. We have to update it once a week, and try and write about one topic (which you might have noticed, I'm awful at).

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Stan Walker - Music Won't Break Your Heart

I love listing to music, and I am yet to come across someone who doesn't.
This is a song written and sung by Stan Walker, a New Zealander. He is an amazing singer; one of my favourites
I really feel I can relate to this song, in ways I find hard to explain.
Anyway, enjoy.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Sleepovers -Dangerous and Disastrous [Part 4]

Well. its over. She left yesterday. I've never been so glad to see the back of someone. That sounds really mean. We dropped her off at her house, around lunch. Then walked to the school nearby, and mucked around. She still had 200% energy, no matter what she said. I'm still exhausted from her visit, and expect to turn around, and see her saying "Surprise! I've come back for another few days!" And when Mum gets a text, I cross my fingers hoping it isn't her Mum saying "Can she come for another few nights?" Im 'scared for life all of eternity' Today is Wednesday, I have to see her on Sunday.

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